#LongDraw #ORFire Update July 15, 2012 ^jp

Firefighters were able to make considerable progress Saturday on the active southeast front of the Long Draw Fire.

“We feel really good about today’s progress, said Jeff Pendleton, Incident Commander. “The hard work our firefighters have been doing is really paying off.”

Full containment is expected by Monday evening, July 16, 2012. A local fire management team will begin to take over management of the Long Draw Fire incident on Tuesday morning, July 17, 2012.

The Long Draw Fires current size is estimated at 588,715 acres. The increase in acreage due to improved mapping accuracy.

Two initial attack forces are stationed at Jordan Valley and McDermitt to respond to new starts.

The protection and safety of the public and firefighters remain the number one priority. Firefighters continue to patrol the north and west side of the fire. Mop up continues on the south and east sides of the fire near the Owyhee River.

The weather is predicted to be mostly sunny with a slight chance for isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. High temperatures are expected to be between 93F to 98F with a minimum relative humidity of 12% to 18%. Winds will be southwest 5 to 12 mph with local gusts to around 20 mph. Highway 95 is open.

Drivers are asked to please slow down, use their headlights and be aware of increased fire traffic. Highway 95 is the main route of travel between Idaho and the Oregon-Nevada border.

There is confirmed loss of cattle within the perimeter of the fire. The numbers are unknown at this time. CLOSURES Area & Road: Highway 95 is open.

Long Draw Fire Operational Objectives

Minimize acres burned by:

  • – Holding established containment lines west of Highway 95 along the western perimeter
  • – Completing and holding northern containment lines from Highway 95 east into the Owyhee River Canyon
  • – Keeping fire to the west of the Owyhee River along the eastern perimeter
  • – Completing and holding southern containment line from Highway 95 east to the Owyhee River

Be prepared for and respond to any new starts within the mapped initial attack boundary


Online information about the Long Draw Fire can also be found at:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Long-Draw-ORFire/123506971124484

Long Draw Blog: https://longdrawfire.wordpress.com/


Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/LongDrawORFire


Basic Information

Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Lightning
Date of Origin Sunday July 08th, 2012 approx. 06:04 PM
Location North of McDermitt, Nevada
Incident Commander Jeff Pendleton

Current Situation

Total Personnel 543
Size 588,715 acres
Percent Contained 80%
Fuels Involved Short grass (one foot) and sagebrush.
Fire Behavior Minimal fire activity
Significant Events Thunderstorms and associated winds are scattered through the area.


Planned Actions Continue to patrol contained portion of the fire. Finish line construction on southeast flank. Begin Rehabilitation of the fire supression action.
Growth Potential Low
Terrain Difficulty Medium
Remarks Fire is currently showing a much lower threat level. The team plans to start rehabilitation on July 15 and demobilization on July 16 if the fire activity level remains the same.

Current Weather

Wind Conditions 30gusts mph SW
Temperature 92 degrees
Humidity 18%
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